This is a mostly incomplete list of a few interesting projects I have worked on or I am currently working on.

Fire (Ocean)

Fire is a developer friendly CMS you can use with almost any static website. You can define your own templates and the data format in JSON and use it to integrate your static website with Fire. Fire includes a fully functional API for uploading and managing files and a flexible permission system defined using roles.

Fire is currently under development here.


Pathways aims to be a curated collection of “pathways” for learning any skill. Every pathway is a self sufficient guide to gain proficiency in any skill or topic.

The crux of Pathways is, well, pathways. A Pathway is an ordered collection of steps. A step in itself can be:

  • An external resource like a tutorial, a blog, a YouTube video, etc
  • Another Pathway

You can read more about Pathways on its wiki.


Pong is (supposed to be) a fully functional clone of the ping tool written in Rust. I undertook this project to explore both Rust and low level networking. While this isn’t much, it was a nice entrypoint to a lot of the networking stuff for me.

You can learn more about Pong and its progress on its GitHub repo.

Face Detection Lights with a Raspberry Pi

I basically connected a strip of programmable lights to a Raspberry Pi and used some face detection to switch on the lights whenever I sit on my chair. (Yep, that’s what the picture in my display is.)

The focus of this project was not ML/AI (I suck at that). It was trying to figure out how communication on a network works. It has some glaring design (and security) issues which I never bothered to fix.

You can take a look at the (barely) functional code I wrote for this here .